Driftwood Anthology XXXIX


Any Brevard resident may submit poetry, prose, mini-sagas, art/photography and images for the anthology book cover. Submissions must be original, unpublished and not under consideration elsewhere. All rights revert to the author, artist or photographer after publication. 

Work must conform to all the entry rules or it will not be considered. Entries need to be proofed for grammar, spelling, typos, formatting and overall quality of content. There will be NO exceptions to the rules and requirements. Deadlines are FINAL. If you need any assistance with the above, please contact Kit Adams at crwtp@rocketmail.com.



Fiction or non-fiction not to exceed 5000 words, double line spaced in Word format with page numbers.


300 or fewer printed lines, single line spaced, in Word format, with page numbers. Title all poems with an exception for Haiku only at the poet’s discretion. Artistic layouts are accepted.


A complete story in exactly 50 words not counting the title, and double-line spaced in Word format.


  • Work must be printed on 8.5 x 11 white, high quality paper in 12 point Times New Roman. 
  • Work submitted in all caps will not be accepted
  • You will need a total of five print copies of each work. They must be identical in content. 
  • On the top copy only, add the author’s name, address, phone number and e-mail address in the upper right hand corner. 
  • Prose, additionally, requires a word count in the upper right hand corner.
  • The word count is not required on poetry or mini sagas. 
  • The title of the work should be centered in capital letters. 
  • It must be sent in Word format only. 
  • Please include a statement at the end of your top copy that reads: “I confirm that my work has been independently checked for spelling, grammar, punctuation and formatting.”
  • The other four copies should have just the title centered in capital letters above the double spaced work. 
  • Score sheets can be mailed back to the author only if a self-addressed stamped envelope is submitted with entries.

Mail the five print copies (including the Top Copy) to the Print Editor, Linda Paul at PO Box 360297, Melbourne, Florida, 32936 or deliver them to her at a Scribbler’s meeting.

A digital version of the Top Copy is to be sent to the Digital Editor, Elayne Kershaw, at elaynekershaw@outlook.com, as an attachment in Word format (.doc or .docx). In that email please list every item you are submitting, with its:

  • Title and type of entry (e.g. prose or poetry).
    • Confirm the total number of submissions with your final calculated entry fee.
    • You can add multiple attachments to a single email message (i.e. if you are submitting several entries). 
    • Send a check for the correct amount to the Treasurer: David Clark at: 1808 Wake Forest Rd NW, Palm Bay, Fl, 32907. 
    • Please make checks payable to Scribblers of Brevard.

If you need help with the submission process you can contact Linda Paul (lindapaul00@gmail.com) or Elayne Kershaw (see above) and they will assist you.

There is no restriction on the number of entries a person may submit but THE TOTAL NUMBER OF ENTRIES TO BE PUBLISHED WILL NOT EXCEED SIX AND NO MORE THAN THREE IN ANY ONE CATEGORY


Members of ScribblersNon-members
$3.00 each poem and mini-saga$5.00 each poem and mini-saga
$5.00 each prose entry$8.00 each prose entry

There are no fees for art/photography submissions, including the anthology dust jacket artwork.


All entries must be submitted by April 1st 2021


Do not submit originals. E-mail a digital copy of your work to the Digital Editor, Elayne Kershaw (elaynekershaw@outlook.com) in one of the following picture formats: GIF, BMP, JPEG, PNG or Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). Do not submit TIFF files.

Make sure that your picture is of a high quality (Resolution/DPI). Here is an example of how to calculate the quality of your image:

  • Right-click on your image file and select Properties.
    1. In the window that opens, click the Details tab.
    2. Look for the number of pixels under the “Image” header.
    3. Divide the number of pixels by the image size. For example, the pixel count of your image is 1200 x 1800, and the image is 4″ x 6″. That means your image has 300 DPI (300 x 300 dots per square inch), which is high quality. Try to keep the resolution above 200 DPI if you can. 

The original may be pen and ink, charcoal, pastel, watercolor, acrylic paint, oil paint or any other media including photography or digital media. Your name, address, phone number and title of the work must be included in the email message with your attachment/s. Selections will be printed in black and white in the anthology. No more than 10 art/photography entries may be submitted by any one person. If you need any assistance with scanning your work, please contact Kit Adams at crwtp@rocketmail.com.

The anthology cover will be selected by member vote at the first meeting in August 2021.

Below is an example of how to present the Top Copy of a Submission.