Our Anthologies

The Scribblers of Brevard have published an anthology every year for thirty eight years. Thirty seven of them were published in print. They have all been entitled Driftwood and that title has always been accompanied by the number, for example Driftwood XXXVII. Driftwood XXXVII was published on Amazon via their Print-on-Demand service and Kindle. The next anthology (2021) was also published on the Amazon bookstore, in print and in the Kindle format. It was edition XXXVIII but we opted to change the title, for the first time in the history of the anthology, from Driftwood to Written in the Sun.

You can order Written in the Sun 2021 here, for a print copy to be delivered in the post or here to be delivered to your Kindle device.

In December 2021 we published our new Christmas Anthology, which was edited by Elayne Kershaw. This contained a selection of 50-word mini-sagas on the theme of Christmas, as well as some poetry and a longer story to round the collection off. It made for a delightful Christmas gift/Stocking Filler and is still available to purchase from Amazon here, for the print version and here for the Kindle version.

The Christmas anthology was completely revised and updated for the 2022 edition and featured extensive, additional content. This can be ordered from here, for a print copy, and here for the Kindle version.