Peggy Insula

Until the age of six, Peggy Insula grew up in the Appalachian Mountains with her mother, grandparents, and her coal-mining, moonshining uncles. From her hillbilly family, Peggy learned wilderness subsistence skills, animal cunning, and a jocular attitude about everything life can throw at us from the cradle to the grave.

Peggy always wanted to write but didn’t want to starve, so somehow she earned a Master of Arts degree from Marshall University. She practiced psychotherapy and taught every grade from preschool through college for many years without an arrest record.

Now blissfully retired, Peggy has written thirteen mostly humorous works to date. These include a dunwhodit (backwards murder mystery), three family-centered novels, an exaggerated travelogue, an illustrated memoire about her life with dogs, three anthologies, two murder mystery novellas, and two other humorous novellas.

Eugenio Insula, the author’s Cuban husband, unwittingly provides funny material for Peggy’s pen. Thank God, he doesn’t read her books.

Peggy recently won awards for two of her short stories, “Final Respects” and “Bee Mine,” both featured in Tales of Whoa!

Peggy’s books in Kindle format and Paperback can be found here on her Amazon Author’s Page.

Her Facebook Page can be found here.