Nancy Clark

Nancy Clark has been writing since she was in second grade. She had her first poem published in her school’s literary book called The Treasure Chest at only eight years old.

She has gone on to publish three books. In her first, Haiku for You, she made her first attempt at the fine art of writing in the Japanese poetic form. 

Of her next book entitled Haikus and Cinquains, one reviewer stated, “With words put together evocatively and sparingly, Nancy has painted still life pictures of moments out of time. Her ability to write down life so clearly in lyrical passages is incredible. I wanted to cry at the frailty, sadness, and joy of life presented in these pages.” The book includes photos of her travels that seemingly match up with the Haikus and Cinquains.

In Mini Sagas – Fifty Words or Bust, she weaves stories in no more, no less than fifty words, a tough job for any writer. As one reviewer put it, “Wow! A whole story in fifty words exactly. Nancy has done this succinctly, charmingly, descriptively, and cheekily. Somewhat like Gulliver in Lilliput, I was led through these tiny treatises with a tear in my eye and joy in my heart. This is very hard!”As a member of Scribblers of Brevard, she has had several of her short stories and poems published in their yearly anthology called Driftwood.