Writing Competitions

We are very excited to announce that we’ve just added a new page to our web site, which aims to keep Scribblers’ members, subscribers and visitors to this web site, updated with writing competition news.

We will update competition details month by month initially and archive previous months so that, next year, you can remind yourself about some of the regular competitions that run annually.

Most of the competitions require an entry fee but the prizes can vary enormously. Some give modest cash prizes while others give more substantial amounts and sometimes offer publication of winning entries too.

Writing competitions offer an opportunity to practice your craft and to write competitively. If you have previously only been self-published, it’s an opportunity to have your writing assessed by literary experts who, if they award you a place, judge your work to have serious merit. It can give you a powerful boost of confidence and spur you on to submit work for professional publication.

Our first list of competitions is for short stories and poetry but we will go on to list details of competitions for different age groups, genres, socio-demographic profiles (e.g. residents of a certain state) and published status (e.g. some state that you must be published, others not, some say one novel must be under your belt, others do not regard self-publishing as having been published at all, etc.)

So what are you waiting for. There are over a dozen on offer on our new Writing Competition Page (April 2020 Deadline) so get writing or dust off that old manuscript that needs a little bit of editing or tidying up.

By A Boomer's Blog

I am a boomer, writer, veteran, mother and some other stuff. There are a lot of us boomers out here and I think we have a lot to say, now that we're all into our sixties. If not wisdom, then opinion will do just fine. I'll do my best to be relevant. Hope you like it.

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