Lou Kicha on Amazon

One of our members – Lou Kicha – has been attracting some fabulous reviews on his Amazon page, where several of his novels are available to buy or download to your Kindle. Check out this latest review of his novel Permafrost Eruption, which is very timely but did in fact pre-date Covid-19:

“Once again Louis Kicha has proven to be a wonderful writer with a scientific background. Permafrost Eruption is an important read as we deal with a global pandemic. The work could not be better or worse depending on your outlook.
Mixing the science of a virus and adding just enough character development is a special talent. Kicha has it in spades and has proven it in his two previous works.
Permafrost Eruption is the story of a discovery in the Arctic of ancient humans who have been buried for thousands of years and are newly found because of climate change. After a series of events, one body releases a toxic virus that threatens humankind today.
Fast paced, the science will not make your head spin as researchers discover the source of the virus and then rush to find a cure.
In today’s world where people do not respect or acknowledge the benefits of science, especially government leaders, Kicha waves the scientific flag high. He also does not shy away from acknowledging that humans are flawed and have an agenda not always in line with the public good.
The book is a page turner. Your heart may skip a beat or two. That’s the sign of a great writer.
Kicha continues to be a great writer who walks the fine line between not too much science and not enough about characters. He’s up there without a net and he is splendid.
Even without Covid-19 wreaking havoc, you should read this book.”

Reviewed by Judy Clay

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